Top Most Popular NoSQL Database In 2021

Top Most Popular NoSQL Database In 2021

What is NoSQL Database?

NoSQL information bases (also called Not Only SQL Databases) are non-social data set frameworks utilized for putting away and recovering information. In this day and age, we ought not store every one of the information in table arrangement just which has not predefined fixed blueprints( fix no of segments). Like User-produced information, GEO area information, IoT created information, social diagrams are instances of true information which has been expanding dramatically.

 These enormous measures of information required heaps of handling moreover. Here, the NoSQL data set comes into the image. Utilizing NoSQL data set we can store and resign report, key-esteem, chart based information effectively and quicker. We can without much of a stretch stay away from complex SQL joins activities. Simple to scale evenly for genuine world problems(web and undertaking business applications) utilizing NoSQL DBs. Carlo Strozzi accompanied NoSQL term in the long term. The inspiration of utilizing NoSQL – the effortlessness of plan, even scaling to groups of machines which is hard to accomplish in RDMS information bases.

Types of NoSQL Database-

1. MongoDB:

MongoDB is the most notable among NoSQL Databases. It is an Open-Source data set which is Document-situated. MongoDB is a versatile and available data set. It is in C++. MongoDB can moreover be used as the record framework. In MongoDB, JavaScript can be used as the question language. By using sharding MongoDB scales on a level plane. It is exceptionally valuable in Popular JavaScript Frameworks. Individuals truly getting a charge out of sharding, progressed text looking, gridFS, map-diminish highlights for the long term. Astounding execution and new highlights elevated this NoSQL information base to first place in our rundown.


  • Gives superior
  • Auto-sharding
  • Run over numerous workers
  • Supports Master-Slave replication
  • Information is put away as JSON style archives
  • list any field in a record
  • It has a programmed load adjusting setup due to information put in shards
  • Supports customary articulation look
  • Simple to regulate on account of disappointments

2. Cassandra:

Cassandra was created at Facebook for inbox search. Cassandra is a conveyed information stockpiling framework for taking care of exceptionally a lot of organized information. By and large, these information are fanned out across numerous item workers. You can likewise add stockpiling limit of your information keeping your administration on the web and you can do this undertaking without any problem.

As every one of the hubs in a group are same, there is no intricate arrangement to manage. Cassandra is written in Java. Cassandra Query Language (CQL) is a SQL-like language for questioning Cassandra Database. Thus, Cassandra stands second in best open source information bases. Cassandra is being utilized by probably the greatest organizations like Facebook, Twitter, Cisco, Rackspace, eBay, Twitter, Netflix, and that’s just the beginning.


  • Directly versatile
  • Keeps a fast reaction time
  • Supports Map Reduce with Apache Hadoop
  • Maximal adaptability to disperse the information
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Distributed engineering

3. HBase:

HBase is a disseminated and non-social data set which is intended for the BigTable information base by Google. One of the principle objectives of HBase is to have Billions of lines X huge number of segments. You can add workers whenever to expand limit. What’s more, various expert hubs will guarantee high accessibility of your information. HBase is created in Java 8. It’s approved under Apache. Hbase goes with easy to use Java API for client access too.


  • Backing programmed disappointment
  • Straightly versatile
  • Gives information replication
  • Incorporates with Hadoop, both as a source and an objective

4. CouchBase:

The emphasis is on the usability, accepting the web. It is a NoSQL archive store information base. Couchbase Server is a NoSQL archive information base for intuitive web applications. It has an adaptable information model, is effectively versatile, gives reliably superior. Couchbase Server, JSON archives are utilized to address application objects and the connections between objects.


  • Auto-FailoverDeploying and Managing Couchbase at Scale With Kubernetes
  • Record apportioning
  • Backing JSON information locally by means of N1QL questions
  • Information Compression
  • Couchbase Eventing Service

5. Neo4j:

Neo4j is alluded to as an area diagram information base since it viably carries out the property chart model right down to the capacity level. this suggests that the knowledge is put away precisely as you whiteboard it, and therefore the data set uses tips that could explore and cross the diagram. Neo4j has both a Community Edition and Enterprise Edition of the info set. The Enterprise Edition incorporates all that Community Edition has got to bring back the table, additionally to additional endeavor prerequisites like reinforcements, grouping, and failover capacities.


  • It upholds UNIQUE imperatives
  • Neo4j maintains full ACID(Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) rules
  • Java API: Cipher API and Native Java API
  • Files by utilizing Apache Lucence
  • Simple question language Neo4j CQL

6. Redis:

Redis(Remote Dictionary Server) may be a key-value store. Furthermore, it’s the foremost famous key-value store. Redis has support for a few C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Scala then forth. Redis consists in C language. Furthermore, it’s authorized under BSD. Some pleasant realities about Redis NoSQL Database – It can deal with up to 2 ³² enters and was tried practically speaking to deal with at least 250 million keys per occurrence. it’s an in-memory but persistent on-disk database. It means it’ll store all data in RAM just for backup only use disk(HDD or SSD).


  • Automatic failover
  • Holds its database entirely within the memory
  • Transactions
  • Lua scripting
  • Replicate data to any number of slaves
  • Keys with a limited time-to-live
  • LRU eviction of keys
  • Supports Publish/Subscribe

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