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Duende Ingenious LLP is a custom-service/product-based firm with a mission to assist customers to grow their business by leveraging the newest technologies and top engineering talent. By continually adding new areas of experience, our team has proven competence and practical experience by completing end-to-end development processes for various platforms and delivering result-oriented solutions for every size business. We offer a full set of services with custom development to ongoing maintenance & support to clients across all industries like information technology, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, finance, and energy & utilities, tie-up with governments and innovative startups


Maximize our reach in rural areas. Reach to government organizations. Support Women empowerment and promote sustainable development. We see ourselves among the ten best IT firms in the coming years.


Services are rendered to local businesses, startups, Corporate industries, and many more, but the ultimate goal is to maximize the reach. Having immense knowledge about the technological world and spreading it to those who need it the most is our target. Building product projects to development and consultancy are taken care of by us, eliminating transportation and helps you save your money.

Core Values

Passion For Customers
Customer satisfaction is the ultimate mission.
Uniqueness is what discriminates us from all the others.
Nothing is as important as our reputation and goodwill of the company.
We go to extraordinary lengths to support our client.
Excelling day by day in this complex world and giving you the best by doing optimum utilization is currently the motive we are pursuing.
Outstanding Value To Markets And Clients
We create brand value for our products and services.

Founder Team

Successful teamwork starts with individuals. Duende is not a company, it’s a family that represents togetherness from a long time with the successful journey. For Duende, the definition of success is to transcend innovative ideas of people to reality. We collaborate to succeed in common goals and together. We achieve more to supply the simplest solutions.

Shubham Vishwambhar
Shubham Vishwambhar

Chief Executive officer

Amit Phadol
Amit Phadol

Chief marketing officer

Yogesh Patil
Yogesh Patil

Chief finance officer

Our Team

We're a family filled with talented experts that help brands, enterprises, mid-size businesses, or even startups with innovative solutions. Our teammates turn their work into a trustful and respectful partnership permeating every aspect of our team activity.

Kalpesh bornare
Kalpesh bornare
Senior Full stack Developer
Niketan bothe
Niketan bothe
Full stack Developer
Gaurav Kori
Gaurav Kori
UI/UX developer
Snehal gaikwad
Snehal gaikwad
Backend Developer
Vaishnavi Kasar
Vaishnavi Kasar
Digital marketing expert
Gayatri Bodke
Gayatri Bodke
Content Writer

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Talented and driven individuals
Delivering unparalleled talent, dedication, and valuable experience to customers.
Take insightful Decisions and achieve sustainable results.
Exercise a nuanced, articulate understanding of the world around you

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