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AI Assistant

AI AssistentHuman Beings have developed various machines which help us in reducing our physical efforts, but there is no real machine or system developed to practically reduce our mental workload. This mental workload majorly affects our memory.

Memory is one of our most precious goods as it gives us the ability to store, retain and recall information thus giving a meaning to our past and help us to envision our future, dreams and expectations. However, due to our everyday stress the capacity of remembering and the capacity to store new memories decreases, thus affecting our life quality. These presented problems configure a social and human dilemma. With the proposed work we intend to address some of these problems, through the use of the Intelligent Personal Memory Assistant (IPMA) concept in order to help its user to remember things and occurrences in a proactive manner. This will share a significant amount of mental work of its users by reducing the effort taken to remember important dates, information or place of their belongings. This will indeed enable them to freely focus on their work in pressure situations. IPMA will be able to retrieve the exact physical location of user’s belongings, occurrences of any scenario by taking minimal to no input. Users will be able to interact with the system by issuing commands using natural language, text or even through images. The system will also provide advanced security features to ensure the privacy of user’s personal information. Keywords: Intelligent Personal Memory Assistant, Scheduling, Speech, Text, Natural Language, Remember Important Information.

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The summner

The summner : This project aims in finding the exact or type of features given by an image from a destined folder, drive or any other given location. The working is very simple, We extract some features of input image.

Than one by one the images are loaded from location and then further feature is also extracted, to be compared from now from the stored template and from input image depending upon features Matched set by the user. The images matched can be differentiated on another folder then may look like a reverse image matching but everything provided is given offline which is one not available. Various reverse image search engines such as Google images, Tìn Eye, Yandex, karma Decay, Pin interest visual search tool, etc. It works exactly as same but the database is searched is from there as Google has the largest database from all the mentioned while Bing has its own, Yandex, Tin Eye uses the website to search images from.  In our project, we are using user photos as a database and searching through it kind of mining images via using features by image processing. The exact same things can also be done via various software available but there’s a catch that they are available only for finding the exact duplicates but in our project, we will find exact duplicate, as well as similar ones and full-fledged version, will be free to use and distribute as well as component other software want’s commercial version to use them for extended period. Finally, the software is very easy to use even now we can use it the software is efficient and error-free. The programming languages used in the only python.

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IOT System

Even though in the past human beings produced a small amount of waste problem of where to deposit the same existed even then whatever could not be recycled on reutilized was often thrown on the road with a severe consequence for health.

Waste is an unwanted useless material. It may be generated due to the extraction of raw material and other human activities, Types of waste: 1. Dry waste 2. Wet waste Waste has an impact on their environment as well as health. The problems aroused in society due to waste to deal with this problem an idea was brought up named “SOCIETY MANAGEMENT WITH WASTE CONTROL SYSTEM”.  This is a combination system of control over waste and also maintains the society is a well-mannered way system develops all activities and actions required to manage different tasks taking place in society. One of the main goals of our system waste disposal methodology properly followed by every member of society or not. Management can keep proper control over different issues going around in society. People of society faces many problems regarding waste collector who is not giving proper service every day so increasing waste causes problems like diseases and quarrel takes place between people. To avoid such an issue we developed our project by making an application that will control dry as well as wet waste with an alert system. As well as management regarding maintenance , booking, water bills, rental bills all data related to society members.

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Currently, we are observing the number of diseases that are increasing due to viral infection. Issues not identified due to the lack of predictive health system, and proper post-cure systems are not maintained.

The reason is that they were having an effective pre-system implementation platform and monitoring.  But post-implementation platform was not available in which control and analysis needed. Through the epidemic platform, we will analyze the daily footfall at pilgrims and crowded places.  We will make a system that will incorporate into the existing systems by providing brownfield, retrofitting, and the smart predictive analytics platform, which will be an affordable solution with supporting mechanism to the current system. Foot count will be recorded in the system whenever the person goes somewhere. We’ll also understand the person’s characteristics, gender, age, and health-related specifications.

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The economic uplift of a nation starts right from the bottom layer of society. Bachat Gat makes a different kind of products which are unique and has a market value, but Bachat gat is most probably organized and lead by women’s. 

Merchandise, which is made by this group, is sold on a tiny scale due to lack of marketing and branding. This product is unknown in the global market. Due to that, the products which we buy are lacking with the quality and prices are high; it also contains chemicals and harmful materials, natural food products are not readily available in the market. So the concept of Self Help Groups (SHGs) is formulated in the rural areas of our Nation to strengthen our economy right from the root level. By the E-commerce platform, we can connect more Bachat gat from all over Maharashtra; collaborate with marketing agencies, managing the bulk order system. That will encourage women to start their own business. Rural development through digital India campaign and educate groups about business marketing.

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The democracy system runs by a country leader who is selected by the citizen of a nation. Citizens have the right to choose leaders through elections. The process of election consumes lots of workforce as well as resources.

Preparation is started many days before the commencement of the vote. During this preparation, involved people may make an illegal arrangement with each other. In the existing system, there are certain drawbacks such as damage to machines, dummy voting, and the problem of proper monitoring. Human face recognition plays a vital role in video surveillance, human-computer interface, and face image database management. We are aiming to build a type of system that is highly secure, and no chances of data loss and an unlimited number of candidate information are stored.

A voter can vote only once, so voting multiple times or dummy voting shall be prohibited.

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Meet- video conferencing system: 

Secure, fully-featured, fully encrypted, and completely free.

  1. We can invite everyone and video chat with the whole team. 
  2. The system is 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use every day for free with no account needed.

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Existing printers need to be connected to the system and also be in a physical network. When many computers connect to a single printer, then the printing system has a long queue.

The existing system doesn’t have any mobile application, Gmail printing options, or cloud base printer. We need to connect peripheral devices and fire printing queries at the store, also it becomes difficult as sometimes the device gets corrupt, and the virus can transfer.

Cloud-Based Printing System is the key that emphasizes printing on the go. Printing will initiate through an application with different code generation to ensure the handling of your prints. The code verified at the store by the operator.  File format should not be a constraint.  The system will provide an estimated time and secure online payment options for print and a wide range of print options at the nearest printing Centre. Users have to “Upload and Pick.”

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