The economic uplift of a nation starts right from the bottom layer of society. Bachat Gat makes a different kind of products which are unique and has a market value, but Bachat gat is most probably organized and lead by women’s. 


Merchandise, which is made by this group, is sold on a tiny scale due to lack of marketing and branding. This product is unknown in the global market. Due to that, the products which we buy are lacking with the quality and prices are high; it also contains chemicals and harmful materials, natural food products are not readily available in the market. So the concept of Self Help Groups (SHGs) is formulated in the rural areas of our Nation to strengthen our economy right from the root level. By the E-commerce platform, we can connect more Bachat gat from all over Maharashtra; collaborate with marketing agencies, managing the bulk order system. That will encourage women to start their own business. Rural development through digital India campaign and educate groups about business marketing