LizRox is an online rental service provider as we know the idea of purchasing will only result in huge expenditure bringing in maximum depreciation and tampering the value and price of the product badly. LizRox makes it possible to own the products users always desired without spending maximum expenses.

This is where we step in with our motto [“Don’t Buy or Isolate… Lease It….”].

“An Idea of Having Useful Things Without Purchasing It or Earn By

Leasing Your Things Through Us Safely Which Are Not In Your Use”

We also are highly focused on availability, quality, and services support to be provided, so users can have awesome experiences every time

LizRox is trying to make an impact with the services we offer which are related to leasing / renting of furniture, electronics and electrical appliances at a very reasonable and affordable rates for both short term and long term tenures.

Electronic Appliances We Provide :

This includes all types of Android Phones and Tablets, iOS Devices and iPads, Laptops, Video Games and Macbooks.

Electrical Appliances We Provide :

This includes all types of Televisions, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and Air Conditioners.

Furniture Sets We Provide :

This includes all types of Bedroom Set, Dining Tables, SofaSets and Living Room Set.