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Chief Executive Officer

Shubham Vishwambhar

The chief executive officer is the senior-most corporate/executive or administrative officer in charge of managing an organization- especially an independent legal entity. CEO leads to a wide range of organization.  CEO advises the board of directors, motivates employees, and drives change within the organization. In Duende Ingenious LLP currently focusing on providing simple IT solutions to the clients by giving our services and implementing it with more effective solutions strategies.

Chief Technology Officer

Rugved Bodke

A chief technology officer is an executive in charge of an organization’s technological needs and research and development. Duende Ingenious LLP always looks forward to growing drastically in its technology and work relentlessly towards its growth. Research and development are essential parts of the products that we make sure we have the best ones contributing to Duende Ingenious LLP products’ wellbeing. Researching the new technologies different from the existing ones and having all are professionals working behind it is the main motive and that we have. Chief technology officer of Duende Ingenious LLP mainly targets and look after the technicalities and make it simpler as it can.

Chief Marketing Officer

Amit Phadol

A chief marketing officer is a corporate executive responsible for an organization that creates, communicates, and delivers offerings that value customers. Duende Ingenious LLP is trying its best to reach up to you sooner or later; it will be at your doorsteps serving you with the demands you have for us. Aiming to apply the best strategies, improve service delivery, and grow business through market intelligence and creativity.

Chief Financial Officer

Yogesh Patil

The chief financial officer is the senior executive who looks after the finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, keeping a proper record, making a profit, and financial reporting managing a company’s economic actions. Making a profit is the main motive of any company, organization, firms, etc. Duende Ingenious LLP has its attention towards fulfilling the customer requirements and the least price it gives to its customers. We plan our resources in such a way that it provides our customers with the best price that one desires for those products. The chief financial officers have to report every detail to the chief executive officer and so is done at Duende Ingenious LLP.  Aiming to improve efficiency and increase profits by applying the best strategies.

Chief Legal Officer

Madhav gupta

The chief legal officer is an expert and leader who helps the company minimize its legal risks by advising the company’s other officers and board members on any significant legal and regulatory issues the company confronts, such as litigation risk. Litigation risk is the risk of what might happen at trial. It may be that your star witness does not perform well.

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