Best 10 Skills Required To Software Developer In 2021

Best 10 Skills Required To Software Developer In 2021

If you’re a computing student or doing a course to become a programmer or a software developer, there are some technical skills you would like to possess to become an honest programmer. Technology is vast and there are numerous tools, platforms, languages beginning within the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced programmer or a newbie programmer, as a contemporary developer you ought to have knowledge that the way to integrate fashionable technologies and other technical stuff in your work to form an honest product or software.

In this article, we’ll discuss some important technical skills you ought to have as a Software developer or if you’re getting to become an honest developer.
  1. Data Structures and Algorithms

This skill is that the topmost priority by most businesses to see the matter solving and coding skills. you’ll become an honest software developer if you recognize how data are often organized and the way it is often wont to solve a true life problem. As a designer or a processing understudy or a self-trained software engineer, you should invest genuine energy to discover Data Structures and Algorithms(e.g. cluster, connected rundown, tree).

Data Structures and Algorithms are the guts of programming. At first, most engineers don’t understand its significance yet when you will begin your profession in programming advancement, you’ll discover your code is either taking an over-the-top measure of time or taking an extreme measure of room. There you’ll realize the importance of organizing the info using the right arrangement and algorithm to unravel a selected problem in less time and less space.

  1. Programming Languages

to become an honest programmer you want to have command of a minimum of one programing language thoroughly. When it involves deciding which programing language you ought to choose, so it depends on your area of interest and during which language you’re keen on to unravel the issues otherwise you are comfortable with. Let’s see the recognition of programming languages in 2019 consistent with the Stack Overflow survey…

Software Developer
Image Source- Stack Overflow

From the above image, demand within the market, and area of interest you’ll devour any programing language. ask the article Top 10 Programming Languages of the planet to make a decision which programing language you ought to choose.

  1. Source Control

Source control helps the engineer in overseeing and putting away their code. Today a large portion of the association is attempting to discover an engineer who is capable of variant control and works together with other colleagues. So if your plan is to become an honest software developer you would like to be comfortable with version control concepts and tools like Git (preferred by 70-80% organization), Mercurial, SVN, etc. undergo this text to find out more about source control Git and Github

  1. Text Editors

It doesn’t matter you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert-level programmer. Each software engineer’s customizing venture begins with word processors. it’s an important tool of programmers’ lifestyle. Not only programmers even non-programmers also use text editors for his or her own purpose. There are tons of text editors available like Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, Brackets, Visual code, etc. Every programmer especially a beginner should spend a while learning text editor and a few keyboard shortcuts to becoming a sensible and productive developer.

  1. IDEs (Integrated Development Environment)

 IDEs allow you to write down, modify, compile, run and debug your code. When it involves choosing the simplest development environment, different programmers have different choices for various purposes or languages they’re performing on.

Every programmer should skill to use IDEs to write down, compile, run and debug their code. Using an IDE speed up their work and there are numerous IDEs available for developers. For C, C++, and C# programmers most recommended choice is Visual Studio or Code::Blocks. For Python developers, PyCharm, Spyder, or Jupyter notebook is additionally getting popularity. For Java Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA is that the most suitable option for developers.

  1. Databases

an important skill for developers is knowing of work with databases. Developers should know all quite operations like the way to store records, create, insert, update, delete, etc. Creating any quiet application and software is impossible for any organization without a database. When a developer work on any serious business project they also got to look out of security issue and managing the entire organization record with proper backup and that’s the rationale every

organization expects a developer comfortable in working with databases and managing the entire records securely. there’s little question that SQL is that the hottest classic database among developers. If you would like to become an honest developer you would like to be good at writing a minimum of basic SQL queries. Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc. are the databases you’ll work with.

7. Networking Basics

In 70-80% of cases, developers’ work or application is predicated on the client-server model, where the request goes through the network to a server, and the client is often based anywhere within the world to access the appliance. Understanding basic networking is vital for developers to develop and support an application. If the architecture wouldn’t be designed properly it can create an HTTP request issue over the network.

during a client-server architecture, a user or a client POST request via the web is received by the server, and after processing the data request the response is shipped back to the client. Today in most appliances like web-based, online games, business automation, or cloud computing client-server architecture is employed. So we will not deny this incontrovertible fact that fundamentals of networking also are important skills for the developer before they enter into programming.

8. Basics of Testing

Before releasing software within the market there are numerous test cases a software or an application has got to pass. Testing is a crucial step to seek out out all quiet bugs and to see if the software is prepared handy over to the customer or not. There are numerous test methods but a developer should know three important testing methods. The first one is Unit Testing during which and each module or class is tested properly.

There are numerous unit testing frameworks available like NUnit for C#, JUnit for Java, Embunit for C, or C++. Another testing is Integration Testing where a developer has got to test the interaction between different blocks or modules. This test helps to exclude the wrong processing of knowledge. The last testing is System Testing where the test is led on complete and incorporated programming. It falls under the recorder testing technique where it doesn’t require internal knowledge of the code.

9. SDLC (Software development life cycle)

SDLC may be a step-by-step systematic process to develop software ensuring its quality and correctness. If you’re getting to become a software developer you ought to know the right life cycle of software from requirement analysis to maintenance of the merchandise. There are primarily 7 stages in SDLC.

Requirement gathering and analysis

Feasibility study


Implementation and Coding




When you enter programming and each phase is vital during the event of a software or an application. A developer is predicted to use his brain on every stage of SDLC and follow the right flow to form an honest product. It also helps the developer to require precautions at an early stage before any quiet issue they need to deal with at subsequent steps.

10. Microsoft Excel

 A developer has got to do nothing with Microsoft Excel when it involves doing coding or implementing software, but still, it’s an important skill for them because it helps to track progress, data analysis, data quality check, maintenance of knowledge, and definitely for project planning. we will not underestimate the utilization of Excel.

Its use is far quite spreadsheet which helps the developer to form their work easy and it also helps to hurry up their work using its functions like searching, sorting, filtering, or for any quite mathematical process. Microsoft Excel is additionally used widely to insert bulk data in databases. This tool is an important part of a project for a junior-level developer to a manager. So it’s good to spend a while learning the essential functions of Excel.

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